How to Charge Tigers Eye

February 10, 2023

how to charge tigers eye

How to Charge Tigers Eye

The tiger eye stone is a popular stone for jewelry and has a wide range of healing properties. It helps to boost courage, energize the heart chakra, and bring luck, success, prosperity, and abundance into your life. It is also a great protective stone for the home and Feng Shui, as it helps to keep negative energy at bay.

How to Cleanse Tigers Eye

To ensure your tiger eye stays charged and full of good energies, it should be cleansed periodically. This will remove any latent negative energy that may be stored within it.

Cleaning methods vary from crystal to crystal, but the most common is a candle flame method. Simply pass your tiger eye through the flame for at least three hours and you will notice that it releases any latent negativity that may be trapped inside of it.

If your tiger eye is still not glowing, try charging it in the sun or by placing it on a clear quartz cluster overnight to allow it to recharge its own energy and that of the other crystals on the geode.

What Other Crystals Pair Well with Tiger’s Eye?

While there are many different types of stones that can help with your specific needs, tiger’s eye works best when paired with other wealth-enhancing crystals. Citrine and pyrite are both rich in abundance-boosting properties, and they pair wonderfully with tiger’s eye to bring the two together as a powerful wealth-attracting combination.


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