How to Clean Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

February 10, 2023

how to clean nose after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that changes the size and shape of your nose. During the recovery process, it's essential that you follow your surgeon's instructions to ensure the best possible results and avoid complications.

How to Clean Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

The most important step to take after rhinoplasty is to thoroughly and carefully wash your face and nose. This will help prevent infection, reduce swelling, and allow your nose to heal quickly.

Start by washing the outside of your nose with a gentle micellar water cleanser or biodegradable, lint-free, and reusable cloth. Do not rub vigorously since the nose tissue is still healing.

Applying a cotton pad soaked with 2% Salicylic Acid Toner on the inside of your nose helps keep it free from dried blood and irritants. Use this daily to prevent dry, crusty areas from forming and speeding up the healing process.

Using Saline Rinses and Ointments

After a week, your doctor will recommend that you begin using saline rinses to help clear your nasal passages of dried blood and other debris. These are easy to purchase at any drug store and can be used 4-6 times per day, as recommended by your surgeon.

How to Disinfect Your Incisions

A common way to disinfect your rhinoplasty incisions is to dampen the tip of a clean Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide. Afterward, insert the tip into your nostrils to remove any dried blood or other blockages without applying pressure or forcefully forcing them out.


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