How to Create Meditation Gardens in Your Garden

April 20, 2023

Meditation Gardens

Meditation Gardens are special places designed to bring a sense of calm to your home or garden. They help you get into the zen zone by addressing your five senses and promoting meditation.

Meditation Garden Features

When it comes to bringing meditation into your outdoor space, you’ll want to consider these elements:

A Threshold

In most garden designs, a threshold will be the first thing visitors encounter. This could be a large stone arch, trellis, or even a wooden gate.

A Path

The garden path is a vital element of any meditation garden. It guides you through the space and leads you to the focal point, which can be a statue, water feature, or a bench.

Labyrinths and meandering paths are also a good addition to the landscape, especially for people who enjoy walking slowly and mindfully.

Groves of trees

Planting a small grove of trees in your meditation garden is another way to create a sense of privacy and relaxation. These can be arranged anywhere in the landscape, but often they are arranged at the end of a lawn or down a path.

Adding Plants and Flowers

There are many types of plants that can be used to decorate your meditation garden, from ferns to flowering herbs. These will help to soften the environment, creating a soothing atmosphere and attracting pollinators like butterflies.


Aromatherapy is a great addition to any garden, and in a meditative setting it can be particularly beneficial. Some plants like lavender have scents that are known to promote relaxation.


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