How to Do a Ghost Inhale

October 17, 2023

Whether they phase through solid matter, enter people’s dreams, possess and control physical objects or take a physical form themselves, ghosts are unsettling and can make you feel like your own mind is playing tricks on you. If you are writing a ghost story, it’s important to keep in mind these factors so that the climax of your tale is as creepy and unsettling as possible.

For a fun vaping trick that looks just like a ghost, try a ghost inhale. This simple trick can be done with any vaping device and is not hard to master. It requires practice, however, as the most critical element is your inhaling technique.

To perform a ghost inhale, hold the vape in your mouth and slowly push the vapor out with your tongue. The more you push, the farther the cloud will travel and the less dense it will be. Then, inhale the vapor back into your mouth to complete the trick. The resulting cloud will look like a cartoon-like ghost figure or a bedsheet ghost Halloween costume and is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

It’s best to use a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) e-liquid when creating ghosts as this will help you achieve a denser, more visible cloud. Using a smaller diameter mouthpiece also helps, as it will limit the amount of vapor that is released from your lips. In addition, you should try different breathing techniques to experiment with how the vapor travels and how it shapes into your ghost.


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