How to Fade Your Own Hair

February 11, 2023

The fade is a classic haircut that can be paired with any face shape, style and lifestyle. A low, mid or high fade can work for most people.

Fading your own hair is easier than you think with the right tools and a little practice. It also saves you time and money at the barbershop.

How to Fade Your Own Hair

Start by spraying your hair down. This helps you mold the hair and will make it easier for you to clipper over comb your fade.

Next, comb the hair to untangle it. This will give you a good idea of what you’re against and help you get the haircut you want.

Use a handheld mirror to see the back of your head as you clip. This will prevent you from making mistakes.

Repeat this process a couple of times until you reach the top of your head. Switch guards a few times as you go along to achieve that gradual length transition you love about the fade.

When fading your own hair, remember to keep the clippers clean and oiled. This will prevent dirt and rust from jamming the clippers. A clean and oiled tool will also cut your hair better.


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