How to Fix Overtoned Hair

February 11, 2023

how to fix overtoned hair

If you’ve ever been to a hair salon, you probably know what overtoned hair looks like. Whether you got your color from a professional or used toner at home, it can be a nightmare to have to deal with this problem.

There are several ways to fix over toned hair, including bleach wash, hydrogen peroxide, chelating shampoo, and Vitamin C powder. These methods are effective, and they can help you get the desired color without causing damage to your hair or scalp.

1. Bleach Wash

The most common method to fix over toned hair is using a bleach wash. This method is easy to do and can work for a number of people. It involves mixing one part bleach with four parts water and applying it to your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another simple and inexpensive solution to over toned hair is to use diluted hydrogen peroxide. This household chemical can act as a bleaching agent and also help remove unwanted pigments, making it an effective option for over toned hair.

3. Dandruff Shampoo

Another option for removing over toned hair is to use a dandruff shampoo. This works by scrubbing off the excess dye from your scalp, preventing future color buildup and leaving you with healthy hair.

4. Color Remover

There are many different color removers on the market, so be sure to read the labels and directions before using. This will ensure you choose a product that will be safe for your hair type and condition.


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