How to Grow a Rambutan Plant

March 7, 2023

A tropical fruit, rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a popular culinary and medicinal plant that has been grown for thousands of years. It’s a small, round, berry-like fruit that comes in a variety of colors, including red and yellow. It’s available fresh, canned, dried, or in processed form, like juice or sweet treats.

Rambutan’s foliage is elliptic to oblong in shape with yellow or bluish green veins underneath. It can grow up to 80 feet tall and 15-40 feet wide with dense, spreading crowns.

How To Grow This Plant

For best results, your rambutan plant should be grown in sandy loam or clay soils that have been amended with compost. It will need to be watered often but should not require supplemental irrigation.

It grows well in most areas and will survive short periods of drought. However, if you live in an area where there isn’t much rain, it will need watering once or twice a week.

How To Use This Plant

Rambutans are a good source of vitamin C, which protects the body’s cells from damage and improves absorption of dietary iron. They also contain copper, which is essential for the production of white and red blood cells. It also contains manganese, which activates enzymes and is essential for the production of healthy bones.

Anti-Aging Properties

The antioxidants found in rambutans are a powerful anti-aging agent that help delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. They also boost collagen production, which helps skin remain firm and elastic.


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