How to Make a Meditation Video For YouTube

October 19, 2023

If you have taken a meditation teacher training or are interested in becoming a meditation facilitator, having the ability to record your own guided meditation videos is important. Whether you want to use them as free opt-in lead magnet gifts or monetized YouTube content, having high quality meditation audios can help grow your audience on YouTube and other social platforms.

The first step in recording a meditation video is to choose the right music. You can find royalty free meditation music online at places like FlexClip, or you can use your own music if it has been recorded and is licensed for commercial use. It is recommended to go with a calming ambient music track that can be easily looped.

Once you have the right background music, it is time to add your voice over and make a few edits. It is important to speak slowly and clearly with good diction. It can be tempting to rush when speaking, especially if you are new to recording, but this can quickly turn into an annoying distraction for your viewers. It is best to practice ahead of time on your own, so that you are familiar with the pace at which you should speak.

After you are done recording, it is a good idea to edit the video clip to remove any extraneous noises or movements. Also, remember to add a short relaxing music intro and outro as a recognizable audio logo for your channel.


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