How to Meditate Lying Down

February 11, 2023

how to meditate lying down

Lying down meditation can be a skillful way to practice mindfulness.

It can also be helpful for people who experience pain and discomfort in their legs, knees, hips, back or other parts of the body. For those who experience over-zealous sitting meditation, lying down can help them break up their practices and relieve the tension that builds up in their bodies over time.

You can meditate lying down on a mat or couch, or in bed with your legs straight and your feet flat on the ground. The goal is to get into a comfortable position, focusing on your breath and staying in it for as long as you can.

Ideally, you should spend some time in each posture before moving on to the next one, so that you can become more familiar with the position and know what it feels like.

To start, lie down on your side and place a pillow under your head to support your neck. Then, gently roll your head from side to side a few times to open up the upper body and neck muscles. Finally, center your head over your spine and relax the rest of your body.

If you want to add meditation to your regular routine, lying down is a great place to start, because it provides a quiet and cozy space to focus on the practice. Plus, it can be easy to sneak in a quick practice before heading to bed, says Souza.


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