How to Paint Your Toenails When You're Fat

June 13, 2023

Perfectly painted nails say a lot about a woman or person. They reflect mood, personality, style, and level of artistry. In addition, your toenails can tell a doctor a lot about your health. Hippocrates started looking at the feet as an indicator of systemic disease back in the fifth century, and over time, researchers have found that many conditions can be seen on the nails.

If you're overweight, however, it can be a challenge to reach your feet and paint your toenails. The added weight makes it harder to bend and twist your body to get to your toenails, especially as you age. Women who are pregnant also have a difficult time painting their toenails because of the swelling in their legs and belly.

To prevent nail polish from sticking to the skin around your nails, use a Q-tip dipped in vaseline and rub it on the areas where you're applying nail polish. This will keep the polish from getting on the skin and make it easier to wipe off when your toenails dry.

Before you start painting, it's a good idea to use a nail file to trim your toenails and buff away any discoloration. White spots on the nails may indicate a fungal infection, while blue or purple colors could be an indication of poor circulation. Black streaks on the nails could be an indication of a health condition like lung disease or liver disease. Gray toenails could indicate malnutrition, arthritis, or anemia.


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