How to Pronounce Parenchyma

March 7, 2023

how to pronounce parenchyma

Parenchyma is a term used to describe the functional tissue of animals and plants. It is different from stroma, which refers to the structural tissue of organs or structures.

Several types of parenchyma exist in plants and are grouped by function:

Photosynthesis, secretion and storage, transport and gas exchange, assimilation and reproduction are the major functions of plant parenchyma. Many specialized functions also occur, such as the radial conduction of water and the aeration of roots.

These functions are facilitated by the presence of chromoplasts and chlorophyll. These cells are found in green leaves, stems and flowers, where they contain numerous chloroplasts (plant organelles responsible for photosynthesis).

The storage of various substances such as starch and proteins occurs in parenchyma. These compounds are stored in vacuoles and can be either solid or liquid.

A variety of chemical substances are synthesized in this tissue. Some of these are soluble, like proteins and carbohydrates. Others are insoluble, like lipids.

Some of these substances can be transported through the xylem, while others are stored in the phloem. Some of these substances are important for the growth and development of a plant.

There are many types of parenchyma, but they all perform a similar function. Some of these functions are radial conduction of water, storage of various substances and transfer of nutrients.


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