How to Put Out a Candle Without Getting Your Fingers Wet

June 12, 2023

The burning of a candle is a beautiful way to set a romantic mood in your home. However, sometimes you might need to put it out quickly because of a sudden change in your schedule or due to other reasons. The most popular way of doing it is to blow it out, but this method spreads smoke and floating wax particles around the room. It can also burn your fingers if you don’t use the right technique.

It’s actually possible to put out a candle without getting your hands wet, but it requires some preparation. First, you need to lick your fingers (this is an important step, remember it). This causes a thin film of water on your fingers, which will prevent them from being burned. Then, you need to place your hand about safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert away from the flame/wick. Quickly grab the wick and let go. It should go out immediately, if not, blow it out or shorten the wick and try again.

Another way of putting out a candle without touching it is to use a snuffer (this is the easiest to do). This device starves the candle of oxygen and it works quite well for smaller candles. You can even find a special pair of scissors made for cutting the wicks of candles to make it easier to snuff them out. Alternatively, you can also use a metal object (spoon is an example) to cut the oxygen and smother the flame.


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