How to Re-Open a Closed Nose Piercing

February 10, 2023

how to reopen a closed nose piercing

If you have a closed nose piercing, you may want to know how to re-open it. You can do it yourself or go to your piercer for help.

Re-opening Your Nose Piercing with Clean Hands

It’s important to keep your piercing and hands clean, so bacteria can’t get into the open wound. That means you should wash your hands with soap and water, or use a good hand sanitizer, to decrease your risk of infection.

You should also moisturize the nose piercing, as this will prevent it from becoming dry and irritated. Ask your piercing specialist what moisturizer works best, and apply it twice daily.

Removing Your Nose Piercing Jewelry

Oftentimes, nose piercing jewelry will become stuck in the piercing hole, especially if you remove it too quickly. This can damage the hole and make it take longer to close up or never fully close, which can be painful.

Try not to rip out your nose jewelry with your fingers, as this can make it hard to remove and can increase your chances of infection. Instead, work slowly and patiently, using cotton swabs to stop bleeding and then gently cleaning the nose piercing with a skin cleanser on both sides of the piercing hole.

In some cases, the nose piercing can take up to a year to completely close, which is a great time to allow your body to heal itself. That’s because it’s one of your body’s main entry points, so the immune system is active.


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