How to Record Your Own Meditation: A Complete Guide

May 28, 2024

The growing interest in creating and selling guided audio meditations and affirmations has been remarkable. Personal anecdotes, like the yoga teacher whose son preferred her voice over commercial apps, highlight the unique value that personal touch can bring to these audio practices.

Equipment Needed

Basic Equipment

Starting with a smartphone and its accompanying headphones can be sufficient for beginners. This basic setup allows you to get familiar with the process without major investments.

Entry-Level Microphones

Upgrading to USB-compatible microphones can significantly improve your sound quality. Some recommended models include:

  • Audio Technica ATR 2100
  • Audio-Technica AT2005USB
  • Blue Yeti
  • Rode Procaster
  • Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB

Mid-Range Microphones

For professional-level recording, consider options like:

  • Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser
  • Zoom H6 (great for field interviews and co-host situations)

Recording Environment

Quiet Spots

Choose a quiet place at home with minimal background noise. This helps in capturing clean audio without unwanted sounds.

Soft Materials

Use closets or rooms with lots of fabrics like carpets and curtains to minimize sound reverberation and echoes.

Avoid Interruptions

Turn off your phone's ringer and notifications. Try to limit interruptions from pets, kids, or other sources of noise.

Recording Tips


Draft a script or outline and practice it to ensure smooth delivery during recording.


Speak slowly to allow listeners time to process information. This ensures a calming experience essential for meditations.


Recording in smaller segments can make editing easier and allow for more precise control over the final product.

Blank Time

Include extra blank time at the beginning and end of your recordings. This buffer makes editing transitions smoother.

System Performance

Close unnecessary programs on your computer to enhance performance and avoid possible interruptions.

Finding Background Music

"Mandala Meditations On The Wholeness Of Being Mandala Terpsichore Records" by iClassicalCom is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


Use platforms like Envato Elements and Soundstripe to source royalty-free background music that complements your meditation.


Learn to loop shorter audio files seamlessly using audio editing tools like Audacity to create a continuous ambient sound.

Recording Techniques

Using an iPhone

Plug in your headphones and use the Voice Memos app to record. This can be a simple and effective way to get started.

Using a Computer

Plug in the microphone, use software like Audacity, and always check your recording levels before starting.

Editing Your Recordings

Software Recommendations

Popular and effective choices include:

  • Audacity (free, cross-platform)
  • GarageBand (for Mac users)

Basic Edits

Apply noise filters to remove background sounds, normalize volume for consistency, use pop and "S" filters to reduce distortion, and adjust EQ to enhance vocal tones.

File Formats

Save your master recordings in .wav format for lossless quality. Convert to .mp3 for easier distribution.


Utilize tools like for quick and accurate transcriptions, which can be useful for creating scripts or repurposing content for blogs or articles.

Sharing and Storing Audio Files

Cloud Storage

Services like Dropbox or Amazon S3 are beneficial for storing and sharing your files without slowing down your website.


This platform is great for embedding audio files and reaching a broader audience.

Lead Magnets and Freebies


Use cloud storage links in follow-up emails or on thank-you pages to deliver your guided meditations as freebies or lead magnets.

Newsletter Integration

Email services like ConvertKit can help you seamlessly distribute your audio files to subscribers.

Private Podcast Creation


Consider platforms like Kajabi for payment-integrated podcasts or Hello Audio for a simpler setup without payment integration.

Selling Your Audio Products


Gumroad is a straightforward platform to sell digital products, offering features for discount codes and affiliate marketing, along with secure payments.


This service securely sells and delivers audio files, including private podcasts and audiobooks, to your audience.

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