How to Rehydrate Tobacco

March 7, 2023

how to rehydrate tobacco

There are a number of ways that you can rehydrate tobacco. The key is to make sure that you’re using distilled water. This will help to restore the flavour and balance of your tobacco and ensure that it stays fresher for longer.

Steam Iron Method

Pre-heat the steam iron to the highest setting and spread your dry tobacco out on a newspaper. Once your tobacco is moist enough to rehydrate, spray it lightly with distilled water and hold the steam iron above it. Repeat the process until your tobacco is back to its original moisture level.

Tobacco Balling

Another good way to rehydrate dried tobacco is by rolling up a paper towel and securing it with a jam jar lid or some clingwrap. The moisture from the towel will be absorbed into the tobacco, rehydrating it over the course of a few hours.


A cigar humidifier is one of the best gadgets that you can get your hands on if you want to rehydrate dry cigars. It’s an excellent way to measure the moisture content of your cigar and helps you determine when it’s ready for smoking.

Cigar Rehydration

There are a number of ways to rehydrate your tobacco, however the most common way is to use a humidifier. This is an excellent way to keep your cigars fresh and prevent them from becoming too dry and deteriorating in quality.

There are a few other ways to rehydrate your tobacco, such as placing it in a sealable bag and using a steamer. These are all simple and inexpensive solutions to rehydrating your tobacco.


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