How to Relax a Butterfly

February 10, 2023

how to relax a butterfly

A butterfly is a beautiful symbol of renewal and new beginnings, but they're also a reminder to take care of ourselves. It's important to learn how to properly relax a butterfly before we can spread its wings or display it.

How to Relax a Butterfly

Before you can spread the wings of a butterfly, you must first ensure that it is relaxed and flexible. This will prevent you from damaging the butterfly and causing it to die.

What You'll Need for Relaxing a Butterfly

To relax your butterfly, you need an airtight container with a lid that is deep enough to hold the specimen without it falling through. You can find this type of container at many craft stores and even some grocery stores.

Line the container with a folded piece of paper towel and moisten it with water, but don't get it so wet that it soaks through. Put a few drops of an antiseptic (pine-sol or Lysol) in it to prevent mold from growing on the butterfly.

Next, lay a piece of window screen or wire mesh on top of the wet paper towel and put the specimen in it. Make sure the butterfly's head is not too close to the opening, as this may cause it to bleed and die.

After the insect has been in the relaxing chamber for 12-24 hours, it will become relaxed and ready to be spread. You can then mount it in a frame or use it for other displays.


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