How to Relax Glabellar Muscles

February 10, 2023

Facial tension can be sneaky; you may not even notice your frown lines or clenched jaw until someone else points them out. And even when you do recognize the facial muscles that are tense, it can be hard to relax them.

Symptoms of glabellar line formation include:

When you make a sad or angry face, the brow muscles pull and tug your skin to form horizontal indentations across your forehead (glabellar lines). These lines often intersect with another category of wrinkles called frown lines, which appear between your eyebrows.

How to avoid glabellar lines:

A variety of factors can contribute to the development of glabellar lines, including:

Lifestyle habits such as stress and anxiety may cause your muscles to become tense. These habits can be particularly difficult to break when they are triggered by your daily routine, such as working or studying.

Using facial massage to release tension can also help prevent the formation of glabellar lines. Place your fingers in between your eyebrows, then move them in circles to massage the area.

Exercises to improve the function of the corrugator supercilii muscle

The corrugator supercilii is a very important muscle for facial expression, especially frowning. It is located in the medial canthal region of the glabella and extends along the superior orbital ridge to or just beyond the midbrow position.


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