How to Relax Your Throat When Chugging Beer

February 10, 2023

Relax your throat

If you want to chug beer without gagging, you have to be sure that your throat is relaxed. You can do this by taking a deep breath and letting your throat muscles go limp. After a while, you should be able to chug beer without gagging.

You should also tilt your head back a bit before you start drinking. This will allow the beer to rush backwards into your throat, so you can drink it more quickly.

Choose a light beer that won't suck up a lot of air, so you can chug it faster. A light-bodied pilsner or pale lager is ideal.

Pick a wide-mouthed container

The best way to chug beer is to drink it from a glass or a bottle that has a wide mouth, such as a pitcher or a mason jar. This helps to slow down the flow of the beer as it pours out of the bottle or cup, which makes it easier for you to chug it.

Practice with water

When chugging beer, it's important to practice before you try it out on real beer. You don't want to suck too much water down your throat as it can make it harder to breathe. This can result in choking and can cause you to die.

Avoid ice cold beers

The best beers to chug aren't very cold, as your throat may feel tight and uncomfortable. This is due to the carbon dioxide present in the liquid.


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