How to RIZZ a Girl on TikTok

October 20, 2023

A new slang term has emerged in the TikTok world called “rizz,” and it refers to a person’s ability to capture romantic and sexual attention through pure charisma. While the term is commonly associated with stereotypically hetero-male behaviors, women and queer folks can certainly have rizz as well.

The concept of rizz is closely related to the concept of confidence, and it can be defined as an individual’s natural charisma that attracts other people and sparks their interest. This is the key ingredient to building a strong connection and establishing long-term relationships. While knowing how to rizz can make you a more attractive and confident partner, it’s important to know when to stop using your rizz and switch to more genuine behavior.

Using your rizz to flirt with a girl is a good way to break the ice and show your playful side. It’s also important to maintain comfortable eye contact while flirting, but be careful not to stare or look creepy. Lastly, it’s helpful to compliment her in a sincere and respectful way, which can make her feel appreciated and special.

If you want to rizz a girl over text, you can use witty banter and emojis to express your confidence and personality. Similarly, you can also share information about yourself in a balanced and genuine manner to show your passions. If you’re not sure what to say, try using a flirty pickup line that relates to her interests and can make her laugh.


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