How to Tie Your Hair Without a Hair Tie

February 11, 2023

how to tie your hair without a hair tie

Whether you're running or simply having a workout, it's not always possible to pull your hair back. And if you're like me, it can feel overwhelming to run with your hair down (I'm usually the one tying it).

But there's a way to keep your mane out of your face while still keeping it firmly secured without having to resort to any ties at all! Kimberly Grimes, an American TikTok user, has shared an amazing hair hack that will have you tied in a ponytail with minimal effort.

How to Tie Your Hair With No Hair Ties

The best way to avoid having a scrunchie or hair tie stuck in your hair is by using fabric ties instead. These won't crease your hair and will be much kinder to your locks.

How to Choose a Hair Tied That's Right for Your Hair Type

If you have thick, curly or wavy hair, you want to look for spiral hair bands that are gentle on your hair and come off easily without tangling your strands. Alternatively, if you have fine hair, opt for a silk-covered tie that will prevent dents and tears.

Thankfully, the old-school hair ties with metal binds that are so bad for our hair have completely vanished from the shelves. But now, there are a whole host of new ties out there that are both incredibly comfortable and perfect for all hair types. From grippy, exposed silicone hair ties to no-crease no-dent elastics that will help keep your head sweat-free and dry throughout your workout, there's something for everyone.


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