I See You Movie Review - What Happened To Tommy's Face In I See You?

October 18, 2023

I See You is a horror movie that features Helen Hunt, a creepy mask and crazy plot twists. The film was directed by Adam Randall and written by Devon Graye. The movie was released in 2019 and has already made a huge splash on Netflix.

The plot of the movie centers around a missing child. The film begins with 10-year-old Justin Whitter riding his bike through a park road when he suddenly disappears. The police are called to the scene and soon find a trip wire that may have been used to ensnare Justin. They also discover a green pocket knife that seems to be the same weapon used in a series of kidnappings in the past.

Detectives Greg and Spitzky investigate the case. They visit one of the previous victims, Tommy Braun. When he sees the detectives, he is completely traumatized and starts screaming. He is covered in burns and looks like he was burned by acid. He then tries to attack the detectives but they manage to get him under control.

During the investigation, it is revealed that Greg was abused as a child which caused him to become pedophilic. He would sometimes go looking for boys to snatch and then rape and mutilate them. Afterwards, he would bury them with green pocket knives. Two of the boys, Alec and Tommy, managed to escape from him.

Later on, Jackie gets a surprise visit from Todd (Sam Trammell), her lover who is hiding in her basement. She is trying to make the family happy and she wants them to forgive her for the affair but they aren’t having any of it. As she tries to make her way upstairs, she is hit in the head with a sunflower mug by someone behind her.


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