Inner Bliss Yoga Experience - 10 Days & 7 Practices to Feel Your Best!

March 7, 2023

inner bliss yoga

Yoga is a holistic practice to keep your body fit and your mind healthy. It unites the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to bring harmony between mind and body and enables you to experience true bliss.

Inner Bliss yoga is for anyone who wants to discover the magical power of your body and mind regardless of your faith, beliefs, race, color or caste!

CLEVELAND, OH (June 27, 2023) With summer here, it’s time to find balance and stillness in your body and mind. Join Inner Bliss Yoga Studio at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday Nights for a special outdoor summer session! This weekly Monday night outdoor event is dedicated to growing and healing together.

The Experience: 10 days & 7 practices to feel your best!

The Experience is more than a cleanse, it’s a framework designed to help you tune in and clear out the mindless heaviness of self-defeating habits, processed foods, dehydration, and a sedentary lifestyle. We’ll show you how to tune into your body’s intelligence with simple yogic practices that support you in feeling the blissful benefits of clean, unprocessed food, hydration, regular yoga, and the power of stillness, gratitude, giving & mantras!

You’ll receive 8 classes in-studio and/or livestream, 10 daily Happy Mails to keep you informed and inspired, and 1 Prep Email. We’ll also send you a welcome message on your first day of The Experience so you can start feeling your best!


We believe that a healthy mind and body are essential to a happy life. We bring you the latest meditations and advice on health, mind, body, & soul.
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