Insight Meditation San Jose

October 13, 2023

Insight meditation san jose is a community of people who come together for mindfulness practice. They offer a range of classes, workshops and retreats to help their students deepen their mindfulness practice. The Sangha welcomes everyone regardless of their religious background or the type of meditation they follow. The main focus of the group is on insight meditation (vipassana), but it also hosts teachers from other traditions such as Zen.

A vipassana meditation practice community based in the mountains and mesas of Northern New Mexico. It offers a wide range of meditation classes, retreats and talks on the Buddha’s teachings. The organization also supports a Buddhist forest monastery in the Philippines and provides a variety of programs for children.

The Open Door Sangha is a community for meditation in the Insight (Vipassana) tradition. Its members meet weekly for introductory and advanced meditation groups, classes and occasional daylong retreats. The sangha is guided by a variety of well-known teachers from various traditions.

The Dharma Seed Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes vipassana meditation in the United States and around the world. Its goal is to make the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings accessible to as many people as possible. The foundation does this by providing funding for residential and non-residential retreats and daily life retreats, as well as supporting a number of local meditation communities in the US. In addition to these retreats, Dharma Seed offers online courses, talks and interviews with renowned teachers.


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