Investing in Coaching - How to Select the Right Coach to Elevate Personal Skills and Business Outcomes?

December 10, 2023

Some organizations constantly invest in their people and systems to unlock exponential growth potential and prepare for it in different scenarios. For this, they collaborate with agencies that help them undergo transformational changes by stimulating individuals and teams. These partners offer diverse programs based on the company's goals and expectations. One of them includes leadership development coaching. This coaching aims to tap into the leadership qualities of the people at individual and group levels. It enables them to reach senior levels with strength, overcoming their concerns and weaknesses. Such programs also help them focus on the goal as the coach guides them as a mentor, facilitator, and sounding board.

The interactions between the coach and participants allow the latter to understand the company's vision and mission, spot opportunities, and apply their enhanced knowledge for an effective change. When it happens, the effects of leadership development coaching are reflected in the business outcomes because of better problem-solving, decision-making, and adaptability to change. Do you want to run such a program in your company for your people? Visit If you wonder how to choose a reliable coach for such changes, here are a few insights about this.

  • Determine the purpose

The goal of partnering with a coach should be clear. Do you want the coach to prepare people for a senior role, manage new teams, cope with cultural change, reset after management change due to M&A, etc? These objectives will lead you to search for a coach who poses questions and problems to help people look at them from a different perspective and solve them. The professional can provide the thinking tools and methods while challenging people's opinions or choices and their approach to a situation.

  • Look for certain qualities in a coach

The chemistry between the coach and his clients should be good. The person should be able to ask difficult questions from the beginning, allowing people to open up. It helps with good progress. The introductory sessions can be crucial, where an expert coach will instantly hit chords with his audience. You can also follow your gut feelings. See if their approach matches with your environment. For example, if you prefer spontaneity, someone with a strict mindset should be avoided. Other things include the duration of the collaboration. Some partners offer 1 to 4 sessions, while others can hang around for 3 to 6 months. Both formats have their merits. Short-term engagements work best when there is a concrete problem to solve. The long-term partnership will help if topics are tactical.

Then, a coach must be a good listener himself. It shows he is willing to understand your core issues and find a solution. He should discuss your goals, his processes or approach, logistics, and other aspects. Although coaching differs from mentoring, a true professional will offer all the support based on the client's needs. You can expect them to include 99% coaching and 1% mentoring in some cases and 60% coaching and 40% mentoring in other events.

Remember, those who believe in their coaching skills will not shy away from accountability. It can be one of the significant hints of them being the right choice for your situation.


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