Iron Resurrection Cast Changes - What Happened to Shorty on Iron Resurrection?

March 20, 2024

Iron Resurrection is a reality television show that features people working on automobiles and turning them into great beauties. The show focuses on Joe Martin and his crew from Martin Bros Customs, but it also includes other customizers like Cato, Shorty, and Manny. It’s no secret that this show is a hit among car enthusiasts.

However, some cast alterations have been causing some confusion in the minds of fans. The most notable one is the disappearance of Javier Ponce, better known as Shorty, from the series. While it is unclear why exactly he left the show, it is believed that he is busy handling family concerns.

In addition, it is possible that he is just tired of being the butt of his colleagues’ jokes. The show’s cast is known for pulling a lot of antics on- and off-screen. The fun-loving Shorty often ended up in the blooper reels for his easy-to-scare antics.

While there are no indications that there is bad blood between Shorty and the other cast members, it is clear that he has chosen to spend more time with his family. As a result, he has decided to leave the show this season.

It is unclear if the show will continue without Shorty, but it would not be surprising if it does. The show has a good following and is doing well, so it’s not hard to imagine that it will get commissioned for a fifth season.


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