It Is What It Is Quotes

October 15, 2023

A collection of inspiring, wise, and humorous it is what it is quotes, it is what it is sayings, and it is what it is proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. This popular phrase is used to express acceptance of a situation that is unchangeable, such as a bad call in sports or a lost election. It is also frequently used to encourage others to move on from a difficult event.

Although there is no official definition for the phrase it is what it is, it became a popular idiom in the 2000s and is now heard everywhere. It is commonly used in conversations about sports, politics and other controversial subjects. It is especially popular in the world of professional sports, where fans and players often use the phrase to shrug off a loss. For example, a 2004 USA Today article quoted a football coach and player using the expression after his team was beaten.

In addition to being used in conversation, it is what it is has been incorporated into movies, books and music. Billy Frolic wrote and directed a 2001 movie titled It Is What It Is, and the pop group Lifehouse released a 2010 song titled It Is What It Is. In addition, the rap artist ABN released an album titled It Is What It Is in 2008.

While some people argue that it is what it is can be toxic when taken too literally, it is still widely used and has a deeper meaning than its simple surface sound. It is important not to let this common saying become a crutch that keeps you from trying new things or moving on from negative circumstances, however.


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