James Gilliland - Meditation Expert

January 5, 2023

james gilliland meditation

James Gilliland is a meditation expert who has helped many people to learn how to connect with beings in meditation. He is currently hosting a weekly meditation show, As you wish, which is broadcast live on Internet Radio. His goal is to help you find the truth in your own life.

Connecting with beings in meditation

If you are wondering how you can connect with beings in meditation, you might be able to get some answers through the work of James Gilliland. He is a minister, counselor and best-selling author. His message has resonated with people throughout the world.

In fact, he has appeared on the Coast to Coast AM Show, the Laura Lee Show, Shine Talk and Jeff Rense Sightings on the Radio. He is also director of the Self Mastery Earth Institute. The goal of his work is to usher in new healing technologies and awaken humanity.

While studying pre-law at the University of California, Berkeley, James Gilliand had a near death experience. This event opened up his Interdimensional Mind. From this experience, he found a new sense of joy and love. It was this experience that inspired him to pursue the search for interconnectedness with the cosmos.

Today, Gilliand is an internationally recognized lecturer and best-selling author. He has taught in the Inner Christ Ministry and is certified as a conscious channel.

His work has been published in REUNION WITH SOURCE. He is a master teacher, an energetic healer and has over twenty years of experience. Using the techniques he learned, he has been able to transfer powerful consciousness to others.

Energy photos from james gilliland meditation

The best way to photograph the energy field is to take a picture. You can use the camera to focus your attention on a specific location, or you can have someone else do it for you. If you have a bit of luck, you may be able to capture a moment in time where the energy field is at its peak.

A good example of the above would be a photo of a person phasing out. It's also possible to capture a photo of someone meditating - especially if they are doing something more complex than simply sitting in a chair.

There's also an illustrative case of a woman in Florida doing the tiniest of things in the biggest of ways. She has a garden that has a lot of energy flowing through it, and she has been noticing that her garden is improving dramatically. Her best guess is that she has been practicing a specific form of meditation.

As for the actual photo of a person phasing in and out of a meditation session, well, we don't know yet. This hasn't stopped some people from claiming to have witnessed it. However, these claims have been shaky at best.

We're not sure if it's a coincidence, but there's a very large pool of people who claim to have witnessed this type of phenomenon. Among them is James Gilliland, who has been a speaker, counselor, and author. Despite his claims that he has seen interdimensional beings on Mt. Adams, his own telepathic abilities have been in question. He's been known to say that he has seen five different species of aliens.

As you wish talk radio with james gilliland

As you wish Talk Radio is a weekly show hosted by James Gilliland, a best selling author, best selling speaker, entrepreneur, and the man behind ECETI Ranch. The show features a host of cutting edge scientists, healers and writers. If you are looking for the best way to spend your evening, be sure to check out the latest episodes of As You Wish. One thing is for certain, James will make sure you have a good time. This is a show you won't forget!

The show also has an Official Telegram Channel, so you can ask James anything you want. It's also the only podcast of its kind that lets you listen to the show on your mobile device. A slew of special guests will be gracing the show's decks over the next few months, so keep an eye out for the sexiest sexiest. As you wish Talk Radio is the most edifying show you'll ever attend.


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