Joe Card - All My Children

September 9, 2023

The death of Slipknot drummer and actor Jeffrey Carlson has shocked the music world. He leaves behind a huge legacy and was well loved. His acting career was as varied as his music and he had numerous roles under his belt including Joe Card on All My Children and the founding member of the band G.I. Joe. He was a true talent who will be missed by many. His sudden death is a shock to everyone.

Joe meets Avon Barksdale at a basketball game where he plays on his pride, goading him into doubling their bet on the outcome of the match. He also manipulates Brother Mouzone, convincing him to protect the towers and then arranging for Slim Charles to watch him. This achieves both goals and drives Mouzone back to New York.

He tells Herc that he attended Dunbar High School with Ervin Burrell and that he was stone stupid and in the glee club. This earns Herc’s respect, and he informs Joe that he is investigating the Towers’ security team and that Omar is planning revenge on him. Joe passes this information on to Stringer Bell, who uses it as leverage against Omar.

Joe accommodates Nick Sobotka at the request of Sergei Malatov, resolving a dispute over a bad drug deal between Ziggy Sobotka and his nephew and lieutenant Calvin “Cheese” Wagstaff. In return, Nick gives Joe a list of the Co-Op’s top suppliers. The list includes the Greek smuggling ring, who Joe reveals he relies on to transport cocaine into Baltimore ports.


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