Joe Dispenza Chakra Meditation

October 20, 2023

Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, chiropractor and meditation guru whose techniques for shifting your brain state have cured cancer and paralysis. His seminars sell out venues around the world and his teachings are based on both science and spirituality. Having a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he knows what it takes to change the body’s chemistry using his meditation techniques.

This joe dispenza chakra meditation will help you clear out negative energy, raise your vibration and move more positive energy into your chakras. This energy can then be channeled towards what you want in your life, such as better health, more money, a fulfilling career, loving relationships and meaningful mystical experiences. Practicing this meditation daily will also help you attain physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balance and integration.

It starts with resting your attention on each of the 7 energy centers (called chakras in sanskrit) and reprogramming their energy. You then move upward, starting with the lowest chakra at the base of your spine and working through each one until you reach the heart chakra, where you will reclaim your power to create your reality and receive what you desire in your life.

You can listen to this meditation on your phone, tablet or computer, but it’s best to listen to it in the morning while lying down, or during a guided walk in nature, such as a forest, park or beach. The soothing voice of joe and the sound of nature will help you to get into a deeply relaxed and meditative state.


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