Joe Dispenza Meditation Video

January 2, 2024

Practicing meditation, especially certain specific guided visualizations can help people attract abundance and achieve their goals. This is because our emotions are powerful, and they affect the physical world through a law of attraction. Moreover, these feelings can also change your body’s chemistry in a way that is very positive. Joe Dispenza is an author and chiropractor who has worked with scientific partners to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation. He’s found that a particular type of meditation can cause you to signal new genes, turn off those that signal disease and improve your body’s overall function.

One of the most popular meditations is a morning meditation that helps you set your intention for the day. Another one is a guided meditation that helps you visualize money and prosperity. It’s very effective at shifting your energy towards wealth and helping you to feel abundant. This type of meditation is called generating abundance, and it’s the most popular guided visualization that Joe Dispenza has available on his website.

Another meditation that is effective at boosting feelings of abundance and attracting wealth is a guided visualization that focuses on the heart chakra. You can find this meditation on Joe’s YouTube channel, and it’s a great one to start with because it’s soothing and engaging at the same time. This is a type of meditation that you can perform while walking in nature, but you can also do it sitting down.


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