John Chang Meditation

January 5, 2023

john chang meditation

A meditation technique developed by John Chang is a simple but powerful form of spiritual energy work that can open up a variety of benefits. By using this method, you can reach new levels of equanimity, peace, and contentment. The techniques used in this process have been shown to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of their own mind, emotions, and spirit, as well as increase their confidence in their abilities.

Levels of the Mo Pai system

Mo Pai is a meditation technique that involves the practice of fusing Yin and Yang energies. These energies help to boost the human spirit. It is believed that true masters of the art can help to navigate the afterlife after death.

One of the best Mo Pai practitioners is Master John Chang. He has shown many impressive abilities, including telekinesis and suspended animation. In addition, he has demonstrated his ability to communicate with the spirits of dead Masters.

According to Master John Chang, the practice of Mo Pai is to develop the spiritual abilities of a person in the present life and to control their afterlife after death. The practitioner can project qi, set electrical charges in the body and even perform actions that are similar to those in the Ring of Fire.

Contact with otherworld spirits

One of the most enlightening experiences I had during my twenties was attending a lecture by an Indonesian named John Chang. He was a man of many talents, and one of the more interesting was his ability to generate electrical current within his own body. Although he was never able to reach Level 72, he did manage to achieve Level 20 during a brief stint of self-exile in Borneo.

This was not the only time I was privileged to participate in the neikum, which is the ancient Chinese science of generating electricity in your own body. In the course of my studies, I came across a few other people who were able to perform the same feat, but a closer inspection revealed that the true power of this skill was not fully understood.

Communication with demons

One of the most interesting aspects of John Chang's life was his ability to transmit electrical currents into his body. In fact, he was able to zap a sound recordist so that his audio would not be recorded.

While he is still alive, John Chang has gone on to become a master of the ancient Chinese science of neikung. He has demonstrated the neikum to the rest of the world in the form of a television documentary. His most memorable feats of magic occurred when he was a young man during his self-exile in Borneo.

Although John Chang's lineage does not allow non-Chinese students, one aficionado of the art stumbled across his secret. The secret involved the use of a device known as a telekinesis video. This is a technology that is not widely known.

Disobedience to spirit master's orders

The great thing about a John Chang meditation is that it's fun and enlightening. In fact, Jim McMillan has written a book about his experience, called Seeking the Master of Mo Pai: Adventures with John Chang. While he wasn't the first Westerner to study the art of the meditation, he was a bona fide pro.

In this short but sweet book, Jim reveals some of the nifty things he discovered in his many years of study. He mentions the aforementioned 'disobeying' the spirit's orders. This may have been the most important. However, he also discusses the lesser known details. One is that he's actually capable of moving objects even when his teacher isn't looking.

Yin and Yang energies fuse at Level 3

The greatest Mo Pai practitioner on the planet is Master John Chang. He has publicly displayed extraordinary abilities, such as telekinesis, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and suspended animation. However, it has been reported that he has fainted twice while trying to fuse Yin and Yang Chi.

Master Chang has taught his students to use vital energies, which they harness from the natural world. This can help boost human potential, and may also control the afterlife, as some Mo Pai practitioners have claimed.

The techniques and technology used in the Mo Pai practice can be dangerous, and a person should never train in this practice without the appropriate training. Some people have been injured while performing Mo Pai practices.

Yin emanates quite a few feet beyond his body

The first time I was exposed to John Chang, I was floored. He exhibited a number of impressive abilities, from performing acupuncture to generating electricity. As for a particular feat of his, one that caught my attention was the ability to move objects without touching them. Not only did he do this, but his ability was enhanced by his being able to use his body to generate energy on demand. In addition to moving things, John Chang also managed to produce electrical shocks by twisting needles into the skin of his patients.

A couple of years ago, I learned about John Chang from a documentary entitled Dynamo Jack. That's when it dawned on me that the man was the real deal. During my brief time in Indonesia, I met a few other people with similar stories. One of these people was Jim McMillan, the first Westerner to train with John Chang. It turns out that he had been practicing Mo Pai for some time, a system that is said to be the secret to the martial arts mastery of the old world.


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