Kevin Burke What Happened to Her Movie Review

March 7, 2023

kevina burke what happened to her

What Happened To Her

In this movie, kevina burke what happened to her goes back and forth in time to show what has been going on with her. She gets a new job, she makes friends with two girls, and she has to deal with her brother's immature behavior.

Her father tries to get her to date, but she refuses. She is also upset that her best friend, Nancy, has a boyfriend. She is also jealous of Carrie when she starts dating her boss, Paul.

She has a lot of problems at school, including her dyscalculia. She and her twin sister are always getting into fights with their friends. She doesn't like that they are taking advantage of her because she is so close to her dad.

At the same time, she gets a crush on her math tutor, Taylor Donovan. When she gets assigned a history project, Ashley is nervous that she will have to work with her crush. She decides to try to flirt with him while she's on the project.

The problem doesn't go away, and she becomes furious with Mary-Kate and Ashley for not listening to her. She then goes on a scheme to make Mary-Kate and Ashley fall in love with her, by tricking them into having a "two-timer" affair.

Her plans are thwarted by the twins, who trick Carrie into spending Christmas with them. In the end, they all get together and celebrate Christmas together. However, it isn't the holiday they expected.


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