Kevita Kombucha Review

March 7, 2023

kevita kombucha

Kevita kombucha is an organic flavored kombucha that comes in a variety of flavors. The product claims to be a highly effective colon cleanse supplement that can help your body detoxify and support the digestive system.

The brew is fermented with yeast and bacteria that offer numerous health benefits. These include promoting gut and digestive health, improving mood, and even protecting your body from candida among other things.

It contains 4 billion CFU’s of live healthy probiotics that promise to deliver reliable results when taken as directed. It’s also rich in vitamin B complex and other micronutrients.

Despite the many health benefits that kombucha has, you can still get stomach aches or nausea from drinking too much of it. This is because the acids in kombucha can cause indigestion or other digestion issues if you aren’t used to drinking it regularly.

Another concern about kombucha is that it can be quite high in alcohol. This is because the brew can continue to ferment after it’s bottled, and this can lead to extra alcohol being created.

This is why pasteurization is often done after fermentation has finished. The heat can kill any harmful bacteria in the kombucha, making it safe to drink.

However, the heat can also denature the probiotics in the kombucha. This is why it’s important to read the label on any kombucha product before buying it. In addition, be sure to check the ingredients list for any additional additives that may have been added to make it taste better.


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