KFC Cheetos Sandwich Review

March 7, 2023

kfc cheetos sandwich review

KFC has announced its latest culinary outing, a limited-edition sandwich topped with the cheesy wonder of all things fried. The kfc cheetos sandwich (not to be confused with the Cheetos burger) features a breaded Extra Crispy chicken fillet, a layer of crunchy Cheetos and a special Cheetos sauce on a toasted bun. It’s available nationwide for the next four weeks and you can try it at a pop-up event in New York City on June 27.

The fried chicken is good, but the real draw here is the cheese based Cheetos sauce that binds everything together. This is a very viscous, buttery gloop that’s the tiniest bit too hot to touch but is flavorful enough to be worth your time.

Despite being a gimmicky idea, it’s actually a fun and surprisingly satisfying sandwich. The fried chicken is tasty, the bun is toasted to perfection and the mayo is creamy.

It also has something the aforementioned kfc cheetos sauce can’t match: crunch. The aforementioned sauce is a clever mix of Cheetos dust, melted butter and a little bit of mayonnaise. The result is a surprisingly rich, cheesy concoction that’s the best thing on a fried chicken sandwich I’ve had in a long time.

The kfc cheetos sandoe is an impressive product with the aforementioned eponymous sauce, and if KFC is smart, it’s going to roll out more mash-up menu items in the near future.


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