Last Man Standing What Happened To Boyd?

September 10, 2023

Last Man Standing What Happened To Boyd

Throughout the first eight seasons of the hit comedy series, many fans watched Flynn Morrison as the show’s character, Mike and Vanessa Baxter’s first grandson. However, when season nine rolled around, fans noticed that Boyd was no longer a main character on the sitcom. Rather, the role was played by another preteen actor named Jet Jurgensmeyer.

Many viewers speculate that the change was due to Flynn Morrison growing up and no longer fitting the child actor mold. While others believe that the decision to replace Morrison was so that the writers could create some new and interesting storylines for his character.

According to reports, Molly Ephraim left the show in order to focus on other projects. She has since appeared in several roles, including a recurring role as a bartender on Brockmire and Alexa Vonn in Halt and Catch Fire. In addition, she has starred as Gypsy’s lawyer in Hulu’s The Act.

What Happened To Boyd On Last Man Standing?

The decision to replace Morrison with Jurgensmeyer was met with much controversy among fans. Some speculate that the decision was made so that the writers could age Boyd up and provide him with slightly more meaty storylines than the tween-like character he had been previously. Other fans believe that the producers simply wanted to shake things up and saw replacing Morrison as a way to do so. In either case, the fact remains that Boyd is now portrayed by a completely different preteen actor and is no longer a regular fixture on the show.


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