Leslie Booker - Founder of Spirit Rock Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training

January 5, 2023

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Leslie Booker, founder of Spirit Rock Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training, has helped thousands of people find relief from stress and anxiety. She is a world-class meditation teacher, Dharma teacher, and author of books and meditation courses. Her new book, Taming Anxiety: How to Find Balance in Your Life, is a guide to help you overcome the root causes of stress and anxiety and find peace in your life.

Founder of Spirit Rock Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training

Leslie Booker is a master teacher and a meditation trainer who teaches embodied wisdom practices to individuals, youth, and communities. She combines yoga, mindfulness, and social justice principles in her work. As an activist and changemaker consultant, she works to help people find freedom and resilience.

In the United States, Leslie is known as a mindfulness and culturally responsive yoga teacher, speaker, and trainer. She has taught at colleges and universities, including Pitzer College, Vassar College, Columbia University, and the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia. Known as a public speaker, she has also given keynotes and spoken at international symposiums, including the Mind & Life Institute's International Symposium and the Fetzer Institute.

Booker is currently a faculty member with the Yoga and Dharma Training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where she leads training modules for aspiring teachers. In addition, she is an instructor with Bending Towards Justice, the Meditation Working Group of Occupy Wall Street, and the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.

Dharma teacher

Leslie Booker, a Dharma teacher based in the tri-state area, is a yoga instructor, a social justice advocate, and a change maker. She is also a contributor to YOGA: The Secret of Life. Her list of credentials includes a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Virginia Commonwealth University, and she is a licensed yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. In addition to her academic career, she has been teaching and sharing yoga with the vulnerable for two decades. Currently, she serves on the advisory boards of the Art of Yoga Project and Bending Towards Justice. This year, she is co-hosting a one-day virtual retreat on "Tending to the Emotional Body" which will help participants connect to their bodies and one another in new ways.

The one-day virtual retreat will be hosted on August 1st. During this daylong virtual excursion, Booker will share her wisdom with a small group, large group, and everyone in between. Along with a day of meditation and mindfulness, participants can look forward to a two-hour lunch break, a well-crafted virtual workshop, and a plethora of other perks.

Featured speaker

Leslie Booker has been teaching the art of mindful living to New York City's most vulnerable populations for over two decades. His passion for social justice and mindful practices has led him to become an educator, social entrepreneur, and change maker. Today, he uses the tools of his trade to inspire people to find liberation through mindfulness, embodied wisdom, and the power of community. He also leads a number of national diversity trainings for yoga teachers.

In addition to her own work, Leslie is a co-founder of the Omega Institute Yoga Service Council and the Meditation Working Group. She has collaborated with organizations such as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the Mind and Life Institute, and the Lionheart Foundation, among others. A seasoned teacher, her offerings are aimed at both the novice and the veteran.

Leslie is also known as a social justice and mindfulness teacher, and has been working with incarcerated youth for a decade. She has taught the many facets of mindfulness, and is a member of several advisory boards including the Art of Yoga Project and Bending Towards Justice.


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