Lilian Eden - A Guided Meditation For Beginners

October 8, 2023

Lilian Eden is a gifted spiritual advisor/teacher, hypnotherapist/non-invasive trance expert and intuitive healer. She has over two decades worth of experience and offers a variety of different modalities to customize her sessions for her clients. Some of these include tarot card readings, astrology and various forms of meditation. She can also help people heal emotional issues with the use of energy healing.

Lilian has created a guided process that can be used to connect with angels and receive incredible messages for you or loved ones. This process is very effective and she has incorporated hypnotic sounds to enhance the experience for her audience.

She guides you into a relaxed state as she opens 3 major areas of your psyche. This mp3 is designed with beginners in mind as Lilian provides basic techniques that you can incorporate into your passive meditation practices.

This guided therapeutic process is for anyone that has unresolved negative emotions linked to a relationship break up. It allows you to shift into new understanding while releasing the negative energies that are held within.

This is a simple guided meditation that takes you into your higher consciousness, super consciousness or whatever you want to call it. You are taken through a gentle and relaxing process that has been utilized for years by Lilian Eden. This technique is a unique approach to shifting levels of awareness and has assisted many around the world in experiencing a true connection to all that is.


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