Limestone Branch Yellowstone Bourbon Review

March 7, 2023

yellowstone bourbon review

Yellowstone bourbon is a brand that has had a pretty long history. It has passed through various owners and distilleries and it’s one of the most famous bourbon brands in Kentucky.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Limestone Branch Distillers and their bourbon Yellowstone Select. This is a great everyday bourbon that delivers a nicely balanced sip at an affordable price point.

The nose of Yellowstone Select is pretty classic for a bourbon with notes of peaches, flamed orange zest, toffee, smoked caramel, and brown sugar. There’s also a subtle hazelnut profile that gives it an almost Italian-inspired feel.

On the palate, it starts out with a light, smooth sip. There’s a slight tingle of heat, but it’s not too strong and doesn’t overpower the flavors.

It’s got a light rye spice in the mid-palate that subsides into a sweet maple syrup finish. It’s got notes of charred oak, fresh leather, and roasted nuts throughout the flavor profile as well.

Unlike most yearly limited edition releases that feature different barrel finishes, Limestone Branch uses a traditional mash bill and recipe for their everyday release of Yellowstone. This allows them to maintain a higher level of consistency and quality, which is something they have a passion for.

Brothers Stephen and Paul Beam founded Limestone Branch in 2010 and are direct descendants of both the Dant and Beam families. They partnered with Luxco in 2015 to bring the Yellowstone brand back into the family and restore it to its former glory.


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