Little Women LA - What Happened to Tonya Banks Face?

July 29, 2023

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat has returned with a heavy dose of drama as cast members Terra Jole and Tonya Banks went at it during a fight on the latest episode.

The pair was arguing over which of the ladies were “foodies”, but the argument turned nasty when Lila Call started calling Tonya a monkey ass. Apparently, Tonya didn’t take the insult lightly as she told Lila to shut up and slapped her chair away from her. The other cast members were shocked by the physical move.

Currently, Tonya is an entrepreneur and runs her own production company called One Bossey Productions LLC. She also has a wine line called L’Tonya Renee Red Blend Wine and an activewear brand for petite-statured women called Lil Boss Body Activewear. She made her name in the acting industry and starred in films such as Bad Santa, Death to Smoochy, and The Internship Games.

After starring in the Little Women reality show, Tonya started dating Kerwin Johnson but their relationship fell apart in season 6.

It’s been reported that she is battling Bell’s palsy which is a form of paralysis that affects the face resulting in the weakening of facial muscles on one side of the face. It’s usually caused by extreme stress. She’s been seen on the show with an eye patch and has claimed that her condition is keeping her isolated. However, she recently accompanied Elena Gant for a cryotherapy session to see if the treatment could help her.


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