Love is Blind Reunion: What Happened to Trisha Frame?

July 12, 2023

A reality dating show like Love is Blind can be tough. The participants go on a bunch of blind dates, get engaged sight unseen, then have to move in together, plan a wedding, and meet their partner’s family. It’s no wonder that a lot of people don’t make it all the way to the altar. But some couples do. Apparently, this season’s couples will be reuniting for a Love is Blind reunion special. And based on the cast members’ Instagram posts, the special may be a little tense.

One of the most likely subjects to be discussed is Trisha Frame. The 30-year-old real estate agent from Chicago was a major disappointment to many viewers this season. From her claim of having a huge social media following to her obsession with her looks, Trisha turned off many of the guys in the pods.

She also took a lot of criticism for her comments on other contestants’ appearances. For instance, she told Mallory Zapata that she had “latina vibes.” Shake Chatterjee also surveyed the women on their bodies, age, and fitness routines.

Although Trisha did not end up finding her match, she has not given up on love. On Instagram, she posts photos of herself enjoying outdoor activities in Chicago, including hiking and biking. She’s also a big fan of monster truck shows and is an aunt to her nephews. She even works for a real estate agency that specializes in luxury apartments, State Street Properties.


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