Mamamia - What Does it Feel Like to Be a Man?

October 18, 2023

As the world celebrates Women's History Month, we at Mamamia have been reflecting on what it feels like to be a woman. We've heard some great stories from our community about how being a woman has empowered them, but many of us are also aware of how difficult it can be at times. From dealing with sexism in the workplace to navigating the world of male dominated industries, being a woman can feel like a fight every day.

It’s tough to define what it means to be a man, but there are some important qualities to look for. For example, a man should be willing to take on hard tasks and make sacrifices for his loved ones. He should be able to show his love by doing things like fixing the leaky sink or taking care of the car, even when he doesn’t feel up to it.

Another important quality to look for in a man is his ability to be sensitive and understanding. He should be able to listen to his friends and family without making them feel judged or attacked. He should be able to comfort his loved ones when they are sad or sick and help them overcome life’s difficulties.

And last but not least, a man should be able to protect his family. This includes physically, emotionally, and financially. He should be able to provide a safe and secure home for his family, as well as be a good provider in the workforce. In addition, he should be able to stand up for his beliefs and values.


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