Mandala Meditation - How to Start Mandala Meditation

April 20, 2023

Mandala Meditation

Mandala Meditation is a unique meditation technique that focuses on drawing different shapes, known as mandalas, in a circle. This meditative practice is believed to help free the mind and bring peace to the body and spirit.

Mandalas are circular designs that are commonly found in Hindu and Buddhist cultures as symbols of the universe. They are believed to contain the secrets of the universe and can guide you on the path of enlightenment.

Unlike other types of meditation, which can be a distraction to the mind, mandalas require full concentration and attention. They also can be a wonderful stress-relief activity, especially for adults.

How to Start Mandala Meditation

You can begin by taking a few deep breaths and relaxing your mind and body. After a while, you should feel ready to start meditating.

Once you are in the right mood, pick a relaxing song that helps you to focus your thoughts. Then, close your eyes and relax. You can also play music with a lot of sound effects to help you in this process.

Then, sit comfortably with your pencil and paper and draw the symbol or form that will be the center of your Mandala. If you like, you can fold the paper in four and reopen it to create four quarters of the circle that mirror each other for a more harmonious Mandala.

After a few minutes, color the drawing in light colors, and then go back over it again, coloring it in darker shades. You can use colored pencils or crayons to do this, or you can even use a colorless blender to blend the colors and make it look more realistic.


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