March Aries Vs April Aries

March 7, 2023

march aries vs april aries

When it comes to astrology, there are different traits for each sign. March aries and April aries are two of them.

They are both ruled by Mars, which is the planet of energy and action. The difference between them is that the March aries are bold and impulsive, while the April ones are more easygoing and do not mind waiting for what they want.

Aries are a fire sign, so it’s natural for them to be fiery. But they also tend to be stubborn and direct.

This can be problematic if they aren’t careful, because it can lead to them yelling at people or even being rude. It’s important for them to think before they speak or make their feelings known, especially if they are in a relationship with someone.


A lot of people are drawn to risk-taking. These are the impulsive fire signs that follow their passions, so it’s not surprising that they would be more interested in a challenge than a boring job.

But the lucky side of this zodiac sign is that they are often co-ruled by Jupiter, which is all about taking risks and expanding our horizons. It makes them extra prone to being spontaneous and willing to try new things, even if the outcome isn’t great.

When it comes to a relationship, these Aries are very loyal and dedicated to their partners. They do not compete with their partner, but they are confident that they love them and only them.


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