Maureen Dean - What Happened to John Dean's Wife?

July 30, 2023

Maureen Dean has been with her husband, John, since 1972. She came to limelight during the Watergate hearings and gained a lot of recognition for her calm demeanour. She is currently the subject of a series called Gaslit, which has gotten people interested in learning more about her. This is a good thing as Maureen has been married to her politician-husband for over five decades now and they seem to be happy together.

Maureen hasn't been very active on social media but she's still around and alive, which is quite an achievement for a woman who went through so much. She has been very supportive of her husband throughout the years and despite her own issues she has never given up on him. He is an attorney who worked for President Richard Nixon and he ended up being disbarred after the Watergate scandal erupted and he began testifying in front of Congress.

During the hearings, he received a lot of criticism but he remained strong and he was supported by his wife, Mo. She helped him a lot and she was always by his side during the whole ordeal. According to HR Haldeman, who was a member of the Nixon administration at that time, Mo kept John Dean sane during the entire process.

Mo is also an author and has written several books about her experiences. She has also done some lecturing and toured the country to talk about her experiences. She's a supporter of Goldwater conservatism and opposes neoconservatism, strong executive power, mass surveillance, and the war in Iraq.


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