May Gemini Vs June Gemini

March 7, 2023

may gemini vs june gemini

May Gemini Vs June Gemini

Both May and June Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. However, the difference between these two decans lies in other factors that influence how they express their Gemini characteristics.

May Geminis are solely influenced by Mercury (the planet of thinking and communication), while June Geminis are also affected by Venus and Uranus. While both types of Geminis are fun-loving, social butterflies who enjoy making new friends and partnerships, they don’t always focus on relationships in the same way.

The difference between the two is subtle, but it does make a difference in how they prioritize relationships and what needs to be done to keep them alive. For example, a June Gemini would typically prefer to go out with friends rather than be left on his own at a bar he doesn’t enjoy.

While both May and June Geminis are witty and expressive, the way they express themselves differs significantly. The May Gemini tends to express their feelings verbally, while the June Gemini might express them through art or other creative activities.

Communication Skills

All Geminis have excellent communication skills because they are ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes it easy for them to talk about anything for hours. They also have a knack for bringing up topics that people don’t often think about, which helps them learn more about the world around them.

They’re also very detail-oriented and enjoy paying attention to the small things in life. They can be incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing tasks or planning out their days.


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