Meditating on the Sphericals of Chi Ji

January 1, 2024

— a primordial, all-encompassing life force energy that permeates every cell and organ in the body, and that, if disrupted, weakened or blocked, can be detrimental to our health at best and cause major disease at worst. This powerful, unseen energy is the focus of Qi Gong & Tai Chi, soft exercise practices that combine relaxation, intent, movement, breath and meditation.

These techniques are designed to open the chi life force energy floodgates, clearing & balancing any block along your physical & non-physical body’s 12 major meridians. They provide a cathartic release of layered emotional baggage and repressed thoughts and feelings, freeing us to tap into this abundant life force energy.

A common theme of the spheres of ch j is a profound shift in perception from viewing events and experiences as separate phenomena (shi shi) to seeing them all as a single unchanging flow of energy (li li). This level of awareness is known as shunyata or “One Mind” (yi xin yi jing), and is associated with the meditative practice on buddhist concepts such as emptiness and Buddha nature. This perspective is one of the most enlightening and transformational experiences you can have. It can help you to overcome any situation with a sense of calmness and lightness that lasts long after the meditation ends.


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