Meditation by Elena Brower

January 5, 2023

elena brower meditation

Elena Brower is a popular yoga and meditation teacher, author, and singer. Her music, as well as her meditations, are designed to help you find peace, relaxation, and inner contentment.

Soul mother

The best way to describe Elena Brower is as a soul mother. She's been teaching yoga since 1998 and has made a name for herself as an author, speaker, and online content provider. Her website is chock full of useful information. For instance, Elena has a custom meditation program that's worth checking out. But her true service is shifting awareness in the smallest of interactions.

In addition to her yoga classes, Elena also teaches yoga to a plethora of students in online courses. She also offers the usuals such as yoga teacher training, massage therapy, and even a sauna experience. If that's not enough, she's also got an infrared sauna to boot. It's not always easy to find time to fit in an hour or so of downtime in this busy world, but she makes it a priority.

Yoga teacher

Elena Brower is an accomplished yoga teacher and speaker. She is the author of several books, including Practice You: A Journal and Better Apart. Her practice has been influenced by several yoga traditions.

In her yoga classes, she teaches students how to connect with their inner voice and to be a better human being. She also advocates taking responsibility for our attitude and self-forgiveness.

She still teaches in New York City and in workshops throughout the world. She is currently working on some creative projects.

The Art of Attention, one of her books, has been translated into seven languages. Since 1998, Elena has been writing books and teaching yoga. Along with her daughter Zhenja Larosa, she founded VIRAYOGA, a studio in Soho, New York. It is a community where many yoga teachers live and teach.


Elena Brower's "being you" meditation is more than a fancy new video game. Her innovative work includes a custom meditation program aimed at fortifying your resiliency and keeping you cool. She also has an uncanny knack for bringing a little bit of the zen into your life.

As a yoga instructor and author, she's got the goods. Her book is a best seller, with the notable exception of a mediocre title. The "being you" concept has garnered a cult following among fans and practitioners of all stripes. Those who've taken her classes can attest that the instructor is more than just a talented teacher, but an unwavering humanitarian. For those who aren't ready to make the move, Elena offers trainings around the globe. One of her most popular classes is in New York City at the fanciest studio on the block, the Yoga Studio at the Old Port.


Elena Brower is a speaker, author, and yoga teacher. She has studied under masters in several different traditions, including a six year stint as a textile designer. As a speaker, Elena has mastered the art of the "attention cue." Her classes blend a masterful mix of alignment, sound, and attention. It is her ability to shift awareness within the smallest interactions that makes her a sought after teacher.

While she has written two books on the subject, her most recent work, Practice You: A Guide to Meditation for Everyday Life, is her most notable contribution to the meditation world. The book is also a podcast. In addition to her meditations, Elena offers a variety of other programs that can help you develop a more balanced and fulfilling life. If you're interested in learning more about her teachings, you can visit her website.


Amongst many other activities, Elena Brower is a world-renowned expert in yoga and meditation. She is also an author, yoga teacher and speaker. During Flow State, the new album by Above & Beyond, she collaborated with the band on a spoken word meditation piece. In this recording, she is featured alongside four ambient soundscapes recorded in the forests of Finland. This piece is available to download or stream through Spotify and other music services. The song is great for a quiet nature time.

Elena Brower will be presenting a guided meditation on April 14 in New York City. This 20-30 minute meditation session is open to all levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or are just starting out, this guided meditation is a great way to get a little extra help with a technique you may not be familiar with.


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