Meditation Classes at the Den Meditation

April 20, 2023

The Den Meditation

Founded by Tal Rabinowitz, who spent 20 years in the entertainment industry as an executive VP of comedy development at NBC, The Den Meditation is a Los Angeles-based sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful oasis. The Den offers a wide variety of classes, from mindfulness and yoga to sound baths and workshops.

The Den is also known for its holistic offerings, including Reiki, aroma balancing and retreats in Bali, Ojai and Joshua Tree, California. But the real draw is its extensive group meditation classes, particularly popular among actors and executives who want to learn how to maintain focus in the midst of their busy lives.

Meditation Masterclass - (Instructor: Camille Maurine)

This workshop will introduce you to the powerful practice of Kundalini meditation, breathing, chanting and asana. This will awaken your “shakti” or primal energy and open up to a greater sense of self.

Intuitive Meditation with Live Tarot Messages

Psychic messages can be very clear and empowering, helping you to manifest your dreams. This class will use live-shuffled tarot decks, placed at the front of the room, to offer you guidance on questions both big and small.

Relax and Rejuvenate with Salt Lamps

Lighting is a major part of any meditation den, whether it’s ambient lighting like candles or silk-flame lamps or salt lamps that create an ethereal atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to add crystals to your meditation space, as they can help to ward off or absorb negative energies.


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