Meditation Grand Rapids Mi

October 23, 2023

Meditation Grand Rapids Mi

Meditation is a form of relaxation in which you focus on the breath. Although the goal is to stay focused on your breath, it’s not uncommon for your mind to wander; however, it is important to notice when this happens and return to the focus on your breath. The power is in the practice of being still, and the more you commit to a consistent meditation practice, the more benefits you will experience.

Molly Vetter is the founder of b meditation studio and leads the community in the art of being present. She is trauma-informed and offers a non-religious approach to wellness, mindfulness and life coaching. On her off days, she can be found getting lost in an art piece or enjoying a warm coffee visit with friends.

Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse is a yoga studio that promotes health and well-being through a variety of classes and specialized workshops. This studio has a wide selection of yoga practices that help with stress reduction, confidence building, and injury healing.


We believe that a healthy mind and body are essential to a happy life. We bring you the latest meditations and advice on health, mind, body, & soul.
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