Meditation Icon - How to Meditate With an Icon

April 20, 2023

Meditation Icon

Meditation Icon

The image of an icon is a sacred symbol, a portrait of a saint or god, and a projection of divine energy. These qualities are reflected in the refined noses, arched eyebrows, halos, and elongated bodies of icons. This refinement is an attempt to convey knowledge of the forms that belong to celestial realms, and it evokes the mystical states of consciousness that result from fasting and asceticism in Eastern Christianity.

Icons carry the imprint of their hesychastic artists, the spiritual states that they reached as they painted them, and the energies associated with the prototype saints and gods they depicted. These imprints remain in the materials used to create an icon long after it is created, sustaining their powerful vibrational charge and enabling the meditator to receive a direct transmission from the painting centuries after its creation.

To meditate with an icon, first relax and drop your awareness into your body; then let the icon itself guide you; surrender your state of mind to its influence. Then, enter into dialogue and identify with the archetype letting it be reflected in your body, centering you and transmitting its benevolent state of consciousness to your psyche.

If you do this consistently, you will eventually learn to retrain your mind and open a channel between the inner self and the archetype. This process may take years and requires a great deal of meditative practice and spiritual understanding.

Meditation can be a difficult process to get started, but with consistent dedication and practice, it is possible to cultivate a life-changing experience of deepened awareness and transformational healing. This is what many people seek in their spiritual journey.


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